Katherine Brupbacher finds solitude in both painting and nature. Nature, intricate dreams and life experiences inspire her work which falls somewhere between reality and illusion. Having grown up in Texas, the artist is greatly influenced by the native landscape, flora and fauna. Her process involves observing and discovering small details in the natural world around her. These discoveries are revisited through photographs and often appear in her work. 


As they view the works, the artist hopes the audience will come away with a sense of curiosity. From that curiosity the viewer will further explore their own connection with nature and recognize the beauty of the small details in everyday life.  The paths crossed between encounters with nature and a dreamlike memory of those experiences can create a fresh perspective for the viewer with their environment.


Her current work in oils is reminiscent of childhood summers spent outdoors exploring and creating imaginary worlds. She is also working on a new watercolor series that questions the sense of self and self identity.






Katherine Brupbacher is an artist living in Austin, Texas. She has a home studio space which is shared with her two teens and rescue pups. Art has always been an important part of Katherine’s life. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from Baylor University. After taking summer school classes in oil painting and watercolor, she began her painting practice. Katherine also taught high school Art I-IV after receiving her teaching certification. Painting is a necessary means of expression and communication for her. Katherine enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, and listening to live music.


Solo Exhibitions
J’Lin Gallery, Solo Show, 01.25.20-03.07.20, Thorndale, TX

Juried Exhibitions
Art for the People, Juried Show, September 2020- January 2021, Austin, TX

Bass Concert Hall, Juried Show (Virtual), July 2020, Austin, TX

Group Exhibitions
Cypress Grill, January 2020, Austin, TX
EAST Austin Studio Tour, Carver Library, November 2019, Austin, TX
Link & Pin, Big Little Show, September 2019, Austin, TX
Cypress Grill,  July 2019, Austin, TX
Urban Hair, June 2019, Austin TX
Cypress Grill, May 2019, Austin, TX
AVAA Members Show, 2017, Austin, TX
AVAA Love Show, 2017, Austin, TX
AVAA Fall Show, 2014, Austin, TX
AVAA Fall Show, 2013, Austin, TX




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